This past year was probably the most transformative 12 months of my life, even more so than 2011. A year ago today, I was probably at the lowest point in my life (#firstworldproblems). You can read about the Dark Ages, aka my freshman year of college, here.


That said, never before had I yearned for a new beginning like I did last January. But that was impossible, so instead, I committed myself to change.


And change I did. 


It was slow. It was invisible at times. But little by little, I began to bury the person that I had become, and the girl I once was reemerged. Now, a year later, I can sincerely say that I am proud of the person I am. I’m (mildly


2012 may have started in the gutter, but I can’t quite say that it ended on a high note. Why? Well, my little darlings, to say that would be to imply that I’m at the top of my life’s little metaphorical mountain. And that is just so hilariously untrue. I’m just getting rolling.


So hello to 2013, hello to only 4 classes (!), hello to an attempt at a 1:30 finish in the DC Rock n’ Roll Half. I’ve got a few other exciting things planned that I’ll share with y’all as they unfold a bit further, but as of now, the sky is the limit. 


(And now, I feel like a hypocrite for rolling my eyes at all the sentimental Facebook statuses that have been appearing in my newsfeed. I like to think that such a sappy monologue is more accepted in the blogosphere than the ‘Book though, right? Right.)




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