And so we return after our hiatus

Confession 1: the above title was stolen from my Econ notes from a few weeks ago, when I decided to start going to lecture again after doing epicly mediocre (um, can we say unacceptable) on my second midterm (I always wonder: why do these people call them midterms if we have two in a semester? Why?).

Second (slightly more obvious) Confession: I have epicly failed at this blogging business, Barcelona got the best of me. Clearly I have been inspired to resurrect JaneJogs, God I am so creative, where do I come up with these names.

3: Epicly is not a word according to and Urban Dictionary. Seriously? This just blows my mind.

4: I have not ridden the bike once. It is here at school, yes, but I do not ride it. Again, fail.