Friday favorites!

Lolz let’s make a list of my FAVORITE FOODS (in no particular order because that is REALLY impossible; I suppose these are more foods I cannot live without):

1. oatmeal (not because of how it tastes, but because of what you can do with it)

2. nut butters (I currently have 9 varieties in my house but I think I will soon dispose of my homemade crap)


3. bananas

4. greek yogurt

5. oranges (I hated oranges until I went to college, then they were the only fruit I consistently trusted in the dining hall. The bananas were sometimes freakishly large and looked like they were from another planet)

6. sparkling water

7. peanut m n m’s (again, a college development)

8. sweet potato/pumpkin (these are kind of interchangeable in my little mind, kill me)

9. coffee

10. nice chocolate bars


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