Fifth times a charm


Google’s definition of a lost puppy. I wish I was this cute. FYI I just spent 7 minutes browsing puppy pictures. Omg.

After my lackluster run on Saturday, I gave myself off Sunday for the mental break. Still, my legs felt like lead Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and aside for a few brief moments during my long run on Tuesday, my beloved endorphins never really kicked in. I absolutely hate it when I get into a blah-streak with my running. It’s an important part of my life, and when the process of going on a jog is more pain than pleasure, I get freaked out. Like whatifineverlikerunningagain!!!! Frightening possibility. Terrifying possibility. I’d be lost without it. An abandoned puppy!

Yesterday, I didn’t run before work because I slept until the last possible moment before I had to leave, I quasi-went out the night before (you know, when you get all dressed up for the city, plans fall through, and you end up having a chillax sesh with friends in the ‘burbs but still don’t get enough sleep and manage to have a minor headache upon waking. Love nights like these). ANYWAY END RANT I got back from work, and before my mother’s vegan cooking class (see below!) I hopped on the treadmill because it was actually two thousand degrees outside (88) and I couldn’t bear to go on a run in that heat.


Me, trying to be positive. Also, I am very proud of my flexible thumb.

Since I’m not the ‘mill’s biggest fan, I like to do speedwork on it. Why? Well. Because despise speedwork and find it unpleasant (I know, I know, that’s the point) so I barely ever do it, and combining these two icky things makes me run faster so that I can be done quicker.

I’m ADD and had no workout in mind, so I just put a random shindig together (all at 1% incline). I’m planning to do a 5k in a few weeks, I haven’t done one since XC season senior year. I really should research some legitimate speed workouts. Nevertheless:

1 mile warmup @ 8mph (7:30 pace)

0.5 miles @ 9.5mph (6:19 pace)

0.5 miles @ 8mph (7:30 pace)

1 mile @ 9mph (6:40 pace)

0.25 miles@ 8mph (7:30 pace)

0.25 miles @ 10mph (6:00 pace)

0.5 miles @ 7.5mph (8:00 pace)

See? Totes random. I know it’s a foolish, careless thing to do, oh well, I just did what I felt like. And you know what? Although it was a boring half hour, I felt great. Sometimes the treadmill is nice. It reminds my legs they can go fast! I have trouble pushing myself when I’m outside, but on the ‘mill I just have no choice.


Kirby with some tofu. We got split into teams, our team made the sautéed kale/collard greens/dandelion, I liked it, she did not.

Sidenote: afterwards I went to a cooking class with my mom and Kirby, she (my mom) is a part-time vegan (didn’t know there was such a thing? Yeah me neither, talk to Maureen) and we got to eat some scrumptious stuff.

Back to the running:

The treadmill may not have been 100% miserable but it still wasn’t fun. Today, however, all things returned to normal. Thank God. I didn’t feel stiff anymore and I did an easy, longish run on the horse trails (7.1 miles, 7:58 average pace). Avicii kept coming up on shuffle, I was a fan of running to this. PS I did not know who Avicii was until going to school, my friends were horrified and made me feel like a midwest bumpkin for being so naive. Whatevs. He’s cool I guess.


When I got home I had myself some carrot cake oatmeal for a post run breakfast (before I run in the mornings, I usually have a banana and peanut butter with some dried fruit for fuel) and stretched in my kitchen. Maureen hates it when I do this but my sneakers really don’t seem too dirty to me and no one eats directly off the countertops except for me anyway so who really cares? Also aren’t my shoes cool and intense looking? They’re my third pair of Mizuno Wave Inspires, I’m never going back to what I had before (cough Asics), my feetsies think these are far superior.

ImageThen I got to making some sweet potato blondies (found on HealthyFoodForLiving) and baked the almond butter cookies.I’m in Lake Geneva for Memorial Day this weakend. My family is a shitshow. I thought it would be sweet to provide healthy baked goods for everyone, no?




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