I love losing my car (plus yesterday’s recap)

I’ll start with the boring part (yesterday) and leave you in suspense for today’s scary moment.

I didn’t have work  (doing a whole 2 days this week, sweet) and I had all these plans to finish my unpacking, declutter my room, go on an awesome run, and hang out with friends.

Yeah, none of that happened. I spent the morning milling around my home, and finally at around 11:45 I texted Kirby to see if she wanted to go on a run then get sandwiches at my favorite place in the whole wide world, not really but probably top 20, Great Harvest. She said yes. Hooray!

We went on a very easy and un-scenic 4 mile, just an out and back. I was so not feeling this run, even though it was in the low 60s, low breeze, and sunny. I hate days like that, especially after having such an incredible running week last week. My body just felt like lead. Maureen and I had been feeling under the weather for a few days, perhaps we got some bug. Regardless I was glad Kirbs was there with me, it was 50% miserable and totez would have been 100% miserable without her there.

The Girl

After our run we biked to Heaven. My butt was absolutely killing me. Yes, apparently I am pathetic enough to have felt the 45 minutes of riding the day before. Lord save me. I got a delicious sandwich: hummus, cheddar, tomato, and lettuce on their Dakota bread (I had never tried Dakota before but after seeing Kath eat it time and time again, I just had to try it for myself) and a “sample” (this place is not stingy, they gave me an actual slice, I was oh so surprised) of apple scrapple bread, which is basically a little bit of bread with a piece or two of apple in there and then 10 pounds of that delicious butter/sugar mixture on top. I should have taken a picture of this, Great Harvest is definitely worthy of a snapshot. Next time.

Then we sat outside in the shade, developed a chill after 20 minutes or so (idiots, still sweaty from our run) and had to sun ourselves on a random bike rack in the sun for ten or so minutes before venturing home. We saw humans that we used to go to school with, but they were a few years ahead of us and it was definitely one of those situations where you know a somewhat creepy amount of information about them and there is a large possibility they have no idea who you are. So. We felt very awkward.

Do you ever realize how when you bike/walk/run somewhere, it’s always fun on the way there, but then when it comes time to go home you would rather shoot yourself in the foot? Maybe I’m just a lazy drama queen, but it happens to me quite a bit. Something exciting DID happen on our way home though: Kirby screamed, one of our bikes veered (we were going at a lightening pace of approximately 3 mph yet I am still unsure as to who it was), we almost, crashed, and then she started screaming about some baby lying in a yard. I turned around, and lo and behold, there was this little child, face down, in the front yard. Completely alone. I whipped my phone out to take a picture while Kirby rushed to see if it was alright (this is typical), then the mom came out and I had to stop because I’m afraid she would have brought sex offender charges against me or something radical like that.

PS! Look at this little dude.

I honestly did nothing with the rest of my day. It was glorious in a sick way. Oh wait, I made a failed almond butter.

The almonds looked pretty at least?

Today I had work. I do not think you want a detailed description of how I stuffed envelopes for 3 hours, However, afterwards I went on a run. I meant to run in the morning, but when my alarm went off at 6:13 (I always try to squeeze in those random minutes, I’m convinced they make a difference) I was wide awake but the thought of rushing to get a run in literally made me want to vomit. So instead I dillydallyed like a pro and made some zucchini oatmeal (recipe found on Oh She Glows, I added 1/3 cup of egg whites though), drowned it in maple syrup because it didn’t have much of a taste, and ended up being late to work because I spent too much time Facebook stalking and didn’t start to get dressed until 15 minutes before departure time.

Why do I always do this to myself – stall until the last minute? I do not know why but unfortunately I think it is incurable.

God I got off topic. MY RUN! I drove straight to a park (I packed my running clothes in my car), and started running. I wanted to do a longer run today. Ever week or week and a half I like to do what I deem as a “long” run (8 miles or more) and I decided today would be the day because it was perfect weather and it’s supposed to be hot again later this week.

It was a miserable run for the first 6 miles. I just really could not get into the grove. Also, I had an orange and Cliff Bar before leaving the office. Oranges I eat all the time before I run. Cliff Bars not so much. My stomach was NOT happy for those first 6 miles (I suppose it also could have been he stir fry I ate at lunch, my lovely bosses took me out to eat) and it really, well, sucked. I’m not talking ineedaportapottierightnow uncomfortable, but more there is a brick in my stomach and it is slowing me down. At mile 6, Eminem’s Til I Collapse came on, I got goosebumps, my tummy settled, and I was good. BUT THEN. Wait for it:

The part where I lose my car. I had wanted to do an out and back, but the initial direction that I started going on the trails took me on a 1.5 mile loop back to what I thought was the parking lot I had parked in. It angered me. So, I did the math (math takes me about 30 times longer than normal when I’m running. At least it’s something to pass the time) and decided I would turn around at 5.75 miles, so that by the time I made it back to my car I’d be at 8. Just go with it.

I got back to the lot. Did not see my car. Thought it had gotten stolen for an awful 10 seconds. Then I realized it was not the same parking lot.

I literally thought I was going insane. I checked my watch a few times (to check if it’s a dream, you know. The time always jumps in dreams. I do this oddly often because I used to be obsessed with teaching myself how to lucid dream, that’s one of the strategies, whateveryoudon’tcareandi’manerd) to be safe – nope, this was real life. After maybe 20 or 30 seconds of thinking, I realized that the “loop” I had taken was not a full loop and the lot I had chosen was a little ways up. All was well, I just ended up running 9 miles instead of 8. Worse things could have happened, like the Volvo actually evaporating into thin air. Talk about a disaster.

Life’s been chill here tonight. I got home and ate a delicious dinner Maureen had prepared (shrimp, pasta, brussel sprouts, some steak), hung out with my parents at the kitchen table, and video chatted with my friend Nancy from school.

I am lame. I love it.


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