Welcome Charlie!

This is Charlie. She’s a bike. Warning: I name everything because I tend to get attached to inanimate objects. Actually I get attached because I name them, but we’ll ignore that. Whatevs. I have a bike!

I’ve been wanting a “real” bike for a few months now. Even though I go to school in DC, the wealthy/uppity/successful Georgetown residents (they hate us, they hate us so much. And by us I mean the students) won’t allow a Metro stop in our quaint little neighborhood. You know, to keep the riffraff out and what not.

It’s really not HARD to get to the nearest stop, however. It’s enough to deter my friends and I from exploring the actual city. I’m embarrassed to tell you how many times I actually went to a museum, or did something cultural like that. My friend Natasha and I decided that having bikes would change this because we’d be able to ride them into the city, and go on nice long rides to work out. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes. This may be one of those plans that never really materializes. But who cares! I have a bike.

I was going to wait until I got back to DC to get this thing, but I walked outside yesterday and felt like Spongebob the first time he went into Sandy’s air bubble:

I may be slightly exaggerating, it wasn’t THAT hot, but I have not yet acclimatized to summer. (Btw: the world is ending, 80 degree weather in Chicago in the middle of May is not natural.) But I realized that there was no way in hell I will be able to run every day this summer. I didn’t last summer. I did a lot of elliptical nonsense on hot days. But I hate the gym. I hate being inside and just working out to work out. It’s no fun! So hopefully this bike will provide another nice little option.

I took it for an 8 mile spin and had an absolute blast. My previous bike was literally made for a child (I think I’ve had it since 6th grade? It still has a bell) and was slow as a turtle. Charlie is fast!!!!! Actually though. It freaked me out. Once I got on the bike path I was totally fine, but on the sidewalk/roads I was on the verge of a panic attack. I’m a sissy.

In addition to the bike nonsense, I made 2 trips to the grocery store yesterday (my favorite activity). I also made a variation of these granola bars, but subbed in rice protein powder for the oat flour and used Wild Squirrel nut butter instead of the oil. Oh, and tried using quick oats because I was running low on rolled. Yeah, don’t make these substitutions. They turned out kind of weird, I think the protein powder is what threw them off the most.

I also started unpacking my boxes that got shipped home from school. Unpacking is legitimate hell. It was overwhelming, exhausting, and just flat out annoying. It kind of ended up how packing up my dorm room went: I stood in the corner and watched in horror as Maureen did all the hard work.

Yeah, I’m a lazy piece of shit.


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