First blog post, aka what my life has dwindled to since I’ve been home.

This was written like 4 days ago. I apologize. 
 I honestly cannot believe that I sat through all 16 minutes of this; usually, I don’t bother to watch online videos that exceed 2 or 3. But, alas, something about Jenny got me hooked. Watching crap (and by crap, I mean gold. I’m just bitter) like this always makes me feel invincible. It convinces me that I, too, am capable of being an elite athlete. I see that she used to ride horses – so did I! She had a meltdown about not wanting to ride anymore? HELLO my sophomore-senior years of high school! She got hooked on running, and zomg we share the same initials. Jenny Simpson and I are long lost twins, I am just as good of a runner as she is, I should devote my life to running!
Slow down sistah. Who do I think I am? Much as I love to run, let’s remember that I putsied my way through JV cross country and track all four years of high school and even though I’ve run a few half marathons and have certainly improved in the year I’ve been at college, I’m no superhuman.
But you know what? I’m okay with that. Running still makes me feel invincible, it still gives me a sense of strength and control that I am absolutely addicted to. It’s amazing how it’s transformed my outlook on life. I worked out in high school to burn calories. I was terrified of gaining weight. I didn’t eat enough during the day, would eat unhealthy amounts because my poor body was screaming for fuel, and then felt like shit about myself. But something changed during my freshman year. I ran to get off of my clausterphobic and suffocating campus (I still love you Georgetown, promise). I ran to cure homesickness, because as adamently as I declared that I would not miss my parents or friends in August, I did. I missed them terribly. I ran to be alone, because as an only child, the whole constantly being around someone thing was a little difficult to manage.
Apparently I ran too much, because I lost weight that didn’t need to be lost. And I freaked out. It took a few months (I’m stubborn and don’t like admitting something is wrong), but finally I worked up the nerve to see a nutritionist, and suddenly, most of that weight came right back on. I learned how to properly fuel myself before and after runs, because even though I’m not an elite athlete, I was still running nearly double the mileage that I did in high school and I had to compensate for this. Sorry Glamour magazine, your recommended daily meals are completely outrageous – unfortuatnely, I bought into those measly portion sizes for a little too long. And now I’m declaring this whole process to the internet. This is pretty agressive. Maybe I’ll regret it. We shall see.
Anywayz. I’ve had little dreams about making my own blog for quite some time now. I read other people’s like it’s my job. This whole running blog scene is perfect for creepers like me. After finishing the Jenny Simpson video though, it just kind of dawned on me: you are home from college for the summer, you are in this weird little twilight land where you’re finally more comfortable with your new life than your old one, you work three days a week and make up errands for yourself to do the rest of the day, you are somewhat obsessed with yourself and would absolutely adore creating a blog that showcases you.
Jane, the time has come, make your blog. Yes I have an inner monologue, you were wondering I know.
So here I am, sitting at my little job (more on this later) in my little cubicle, writing an email to myself for my to-be-created blog because as busy as I’d like to think I am, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands this summer. So I may as well enter the cyber world. If I’m geek enough to watch a 16 minute documentary about Jenny Simpson (AND click on the link of her race afterwards), I’m geek enough to be a blogger. Toodles.

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