No pants grandma

After drinking my coffee, eating a banana, and putzing around for 40 minutes or so, I finally got my butt out the door to go on a run. Not even 9AM and the heat just clung to my skin. Good thing I got over my whole fear of running in just a sports bra. I used to not do it because I thought it was obnoxious. I still think it’s obnoxious, but it’s kind of a necessity in this heat and I figure, I’m obnoxious with so many other aspects of my life, why not just add to the list.

I ran without another accessory today: my contacts. Every time I do this, I think to myself: Jane, never do this again, you are like a blind rodent out on these trails, you hate this. And then, one or two morning runs later, I’m at it again. It’s an OCD thing; I feel like I’m being nice to give my eyes a break, so I continue the cycle it even though time and time again I curse myself for doing so. Masochism I tell you.

The most exciting thing on the run: passing a farm. Live animals, wow!

If my parents were cool they would have bought a house that’s actually on Lake Geneva; instead, we live in this golf community because my dad loves the sport. I don’t like running in the neighborhood though because it’s super hilly and I avoid those monsters like the plague. So, I tend to retreat to the corn. But there’s simply no hiding from the sun when it comes to running on an asphalt highway through fields, no hiding at all. Also, the “route” (turned left instead of right upon exiting the development, super exciting I know) ended up being super hilly (wtf?!).

As a result the first 1.71 miles of my run were pure misery, I felt like I was trudging my way through the Sahara desert.. Then the switch flipped and I got into the zone, I turned around at 2.5 mile but coming down the massive, 0.5 mile hill on my way back (see above) I got all looney and did another 0.5 miles out.I finished 6.06 miles in 46:45, for an average pace of 7:43. Not too shabby considering it was 85 out and sunny.

ImageI got home and downed this premade little protein drink – just a few handfuls of kale, 1/3 cup of greek yogurt, 1/3 cup almond milk, and some cinnamon. I had wanted to make a smoothie but then realized I hadn’t pre-frozen a banana once all the other crap was already in the Vitamix, so I just accepted defeat, blended it all up, and decided I’d make some oatmeal upon returning and sip on that during the cooking process.

Then, for actual breakfast –

1/3 cup oats, 1 cup almond milk, vanilla and cinnamon, banana whipped in, 1 egg white, spoonful of peanut butter, handful of granola. Perfection.

While making the above masterpiece, the phone started ringing. I have this bratty habit of not picking up the landline, so I continued on with my business. All of the sudden I hear, “where’s the phone?” I turned around, and there stands my grandmother, pants at her ankles, looking lost as ever. She had been in the bathroom and thought it was her phone to answer. Cute, typical, hysterical. I helped her back to the bathroom and then continued making my breakfast; that was undoubtedly just a sneak preview to the madness that lays ahead.

Family is arriving at my house. I can hear them downstairs. I’d best finish getting ready and join them, this should be interesting.